Friday, May 4, 2007

Plastic Medicine Man/Woman Online Site

I received a message from a woman who had sent me an email with no response. She had mistakenly entered my email address incorrectly, so I decided to do a search on - the address that she used - since she didn't get a message bounced back to her about the site name being invalid.

Through google, I found that there is a company called Native American Nutritionals that also refers to themselves as Native Health. I browsed the site for a moment to see if it was affiliated with any known tribal community or Urban Indian Organization. On the last page of the site, entitled "The Native" I was appalled to see a link called "Becoming A Native American Practitioner". I followed the link and was taken to another site, for a group called Nemenhah - they state their official name as The Nemenhah Band and Native American Traditional Organization (NAC). The (NAC) implies, as is listed throughout their website, that they are affiliated with the Native American Church.

At the bottom of their "Spiritual Adoption" page they offer to adopt anyone with an open heart who is willing to pay them a $90 initiation fee and a $5 monthly fee thereafter. When you click on the link to start the adoption process, it states "If you wish to become a Native American Medicine man or woman please click the payment option below."


The Native American Nutritionals website sells products that are given stereotypical tribal names and invites its visitors to join a pyramid scheme by "Profit Sharing" through a referral program. This entire organization, Nemenhah and Native American Nutritionals a.k.a. Native Health, is founded on the principles of profiting from the bastardization and tokening of Native American people and practices.

I am putting the word out to as many tribal communities as I can in an attempt to bring attention to this horrible travesty and find a way to prevent this kind of deplorable treatment of our tribal ways. OUR WAYS ARE NOT FOR SALE!! They never have been and they never will be and people cannot claim to understand our ways with one breath and then offer to sell them with their next breath. Please help tribal communities throughout the nation and the future generations of Native Americans who need your voice - and put a stop to this kind of trickery and deceit!!

Here are the links so you can see for yourselves:


Whistling Elk
Mandan/Arikara (Prairie Chicken Clan)

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